When we lose weight, what actually happens to the fat we’re losing?

Where does it actually go?

If you’re not sure, know that you’re not alone!

A study in 2014 revealed that when it comes to losing fat, even our health professionals are confused!

Surprisingly….out of 150 doctors, dietitians & personal trainers asked, only 3 provided a correct answer!

Some believed that the fat turned into muscle, or that it left the body via the colon, both of which is not accurate.   Others believed the fat was converted into energy and lost as heat (based on the “energy in equals energy out” theory).    The trouble is, this would disobey a fundamental law of chemical reactions, known as the conservation of mass, which states that the same amount of matter comes out of a reaction as goes into it. It doesn’t melt away or vanish!

So, where does the fat actually go?

The truth is the fat is converted into carbon dioxide & water.  You wind up breathing most of it out of your body!  When your body begins to run low on fuel, it produces a hormone & when it’s mixed with oxygen it breaks down fat in order to use its energy.   When the fat is metabolized, it has go somewhere.    And so it’s converted to water & carbon dioxide.  More than 80 percent of the fat leaves your body as carbon dioxide & the rest is released as sweat & urine.

Therefore, when you engage in any form of movement & physical activity, your body’s metabolic rate will raise!

The higher intensity a workout is, it will produce heavier breathing, more fat (energy) is burned, and more sweat is created.



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