There are times in your life when you KNOW that you need to make some changes.
We’ve all been there before – trying to change by sitting around waiting for “the perfect time or circumstances” to fall out of heaven and onto our laps.


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Fact is, there are no perfect times or circumstances to start.
Thankfully, I woke up to that reality before it was too late and realized that sitting around, procrastinating, & wishing for things to change or to be different does NOTHING! I’d be waiting a VERY LONG time.

I prayed for help.   God told me, it’s time to start making 3 things a priority:

  • your spiritual fitness
  • your physical fitness
  • your nutritional fitness


It was time for me to move out of the self indulging pity party.  

Enough with feeling like crap.  

Enough with the lack of self esteem/confidence.  

Enough of the excuses of why “I can’t”.

Enough of blaming others for the circumstances I found myself in.    

It was time to MAN UP, GET UP, & DO IT!    

Take action towards making the change you want to see for yourself.  For me, God led me to taking care of  health & fitness first, but, I’ve also had these revelations shared with me about my finances & about some of my relationships too!   Change is needed.  

DO SOMETHING to move you out of your state of “do nothingness” into a state of taking action that will leave you ultimately feeling accomplished & more well balanced. 

Start by praying and asking for guidance.  

Begin surrounding yourself with people who have been successful at what you want to do or accomplish.  Learn from them!

Are YOU struggling in shifting into healthier habits & behaviors to support the lifestyle you want?


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