Top 10 Ways to Make it EASIER to get back on track, and STAY on track!

Fitness is a huge part of my life. Or perhaps I should say that fitness is even a part of my paycheck!

I am one of those lucky people who get paid to exercise and to help other people live happier, healthier lives by coaching them in their exercise programs.  I have been coaching people online for almost 5 years now, and I still love it!

But that does not mean I look perfect or feel perfect!

I will always battle the mid section bulge & I sometimes get stuck in rut with my fitness.  And just like you, I have days when the last thing I want to do is workout & sweat.

This holiday I got mentally off-track.  Aside from the holidays, problems with my computer kept me from getting this post done for a month, along with a couple of very unexpected deaths of people close to me have made getting through the past month very challenging.   So I didn’t get accomplished everything that I wanted to get done in the timely fashion I had hoped for.

So if you’ve slipped into bad habits or let yourself off the hook recently, the good news is that you CAN recover momentum!

1) Accountability – Start making yourself aware of all your fitness & nutrition habits by tracking them. A good internet options is MyFitnessPal App for smart phones. It’s thorough and quick and sobering – as well as addictive! Also research has proven again and again that people who track their eating are the biggest losers! And, if you’re using something like the color coded portion fix containers from, I highly recommend that you download the 21 Day Fix app to track your container usage throughout the day!

2) Organize your Morning– Prepare everything the night before. Lay out your workout clothes & gear. Plan your meals and if possible, have them prepped and waiting for you to grab & go as you leave for the day.

3) Eat earlier– Make your biggest meals early in the day. This will prevent you from pigging out at night and helps your metabolism burn those calories before hitting the hay.

4) Clear out the Crap– Why test your will power unnecesarily? If there is leftover pizza and that IS YOUR WEAKNESS THROW IT OUT! Half a sleeve of girl scout cookies? Ice Cream in the freezer?  Ditch them. I used to have a friend who would eat their fill of their restaurant dinner and as soon as she felt slightly full, she would pour pepper all over the remaining food on her plate. Yes – it’s crazy, but it’s an effective way to prevent overeating.

5) Find A Workout Accountability Partner – Even if it is your dog having to go for a walk early in the morning to get you up & outta bed, commit to being there to support another person on the journey with you!  Or, work with me!   There’s nothing more motivating to out of bed for someone who is expecting you to show up.  And, if you don’t show up, you’re losing money on the program you invested in for yourself!  I don’t know about you but, I can’t stand wasting my hard earned money!

6) Set Goals – Pick a big event in your near future, a reunion or a birthday and set a fitness goal. When you reach them, celebrate them, and share them with people! It’s important to make these successes a big deal to keep yourself motivated to keep on moving forward

7) Stay Psyched / Pray! – If you find yourself losing interest in staying on track before the program is done, reward yourself with a massage or a new pair of workout sneakers.  Also daily prayer is HUGE in helping to keep yourself on track with your program!

8) Close the Kitchen –Pick a time where the kitchen is off limits. Turn out the lights, make a family service announcement. THE KITCHEN IS NOW CLOSED. If you can do this for one week you will notice that night-time eating is a habit that will recede if you stop heeding the call.

9) Aim for Daily Exercise– Follow the workout calendar for the program you purchased. In the case of TeamBeachbody workouts, the calendars are designed to provide the quickest results in the shortest period of time.  When we go changing them up, we short circuit this.  If you have to miss a day, consider doing a rest day swap for that week to help keep you on schedule.

10) Give up Booze– this is the quickest way to lose the bloat – for sure! Not only will you save the extra calories, but your willpower will be stronger to resist forbidden foods & your hunger will be more moderate. Alcohol contains a ton of sugar.   It’s best to only have it for rare special occasions.

Remember too – that getting back on track is even harder than starting a brand new routine, because when you begin again, you remember how you used to feel and that can lead to stinkin’ thinkin’!   Don’t think about how you’re feeling. Just get your body moving and you’ll be able to stay ahead of your thoughts about not being on track.



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