The Struggle of Making CHANGE!


You know you must make a change, but you struggle in making it happen.
Some time ago, I read a short story of why this is…
There was teacher standing next to a large stone in the shape of a circle – like a wheel. I asked the teacher what it was. The teacher said its a stone in the shape of a wheel. In ancient times the people would use these to seal an entrance to a tomb. Can you move it?”
I tried & it didn’t budge.

The teacher said – “try harder”. I tried again – but still, no movement. The teacher said – “try again…just a little bit more”.
I pushed it with all of my strength, and the stone rolled only 1 inch. The teacher asked me, “what does this mean to you?”
I said “that I’m out of shape?”.
The teacher said, “you’re looking to move an object at rest. It’s a new action that requires momentum. In order to start the movement, you have to concentrate all of your strength into moving it that small little bit. New motion is change. With a new object at rest, & with new momentum you have to concentrate the power into a smaller space to get things moving… the law of momentum”.
God calls us to CHANGE. It means new action, new motion, & new momentum. The universe resists these things, and we, being part of the universe by default resist it too. To initiate it we must concentrate as much strength, focus & resolve to get the smallest of movement going. The bigger the change, the more concentrated strength, focus & resolve is needed.


When trying to make a change its best to do it one small step at a time. Moses didn’t change the world overnight. The first thing he did when God called him started with a small step – he took off his sandals.
To change, do it small steps. TAKE ACTION NOW! Apply the law of momentum with some wisdom & prayer to get that ball rolling, and… you could very well wind up changing the world too!
This is the exact process I took (and continue to use) for my health & fitness journey, and in several other key areas of my life too.
It works.
If you struggle in shifting your habits & behaviors to be healthier, more positive & supportive , drop a comment below or send me a private message.
I’d love to help you!

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