The secret hidden in your failure – it requires some patience.

Patience???  Really?

Yes, especially after a divorce!

Gosh, how I struggled with it sometimes.

After my divorce I was eating like crap, sleeping like crap, & feeling like crap.  I was on meds for having anxiety attacks.  I was always tired, and my confidence was in the toilet.

Being a dad of 2 young boys, I wasn’t a bad dad.  But, I also knew I wasn’t being the best role model for them in my daily habits & behaviors.  I knew I had the potential inside of me to give them better.  I knew I had to make some changes, and it all started with ME!     Changes in my health & wellness, but also in my mental & spiritual space too!

It felt so easy to throw away my goals when I didn’t have any patience with myself.   Like most people, I wanted results now!  I wanted change now!

There were days where I was so frustrated, and even worse, there were several set backs along the way too (particularly with my lower back & tennis elbow in both arms). Set backs r-e-a-l-l-y test my patience!

The one little secret I’ve learned since my divorce is that a setback is just a set up for the next breakthrough to occur!

I wanted to do things the right way, but the fact is – I’m not perfect. I’m not always gonna get it right. I am gonna fail, and I will likely fail more times than I probably care to think about.

But that is OK – cause its not about being perfect. It’s about progress, staying in the game, & breaking through the barriers that have limited me, or kept me in bondage for far too long.

It requires some PATIENCE!

Breakthroughs occurred when I did 5 things:

1) I DECIDED! I was sick & tired of being sick & tired! I didn’t want to be on anxiety meds anymore!
2) I took ACTION – immediately!   I didn’t say “tomorrow”, “next year”, or “some” day.
3) I made a COMMITMENT to myself & made ME a priority every day!
4) My thoughts mattered! I surrounded myself with liked minded people who shared a common goal to be accountable to success!

Doing these things require habit & behavior change.

Having gone through the journey myself, and have become a certified Master Coach of Habit & Behavior change in overall health & wellness, I know what is required to shift the habits & behaviors that are not serving you well right now into habits & behaviors that are more supportive of where you would like to go.

I would LOVE an opportunity to help you make the shift so you can begin moving forward in a refreshing new way!

So which direction are you going in?

Are you moving forward, or are you stuck in muck?

If you’re ready to DECIDE to move forward, reply with a comment or contact me! I want to help you any way I possibly can.

I really don’t care where you are starting from on your journey…it doesn’t matter to me. I just want you to have hope, and to get you going in a forward direction.
This picture is a collage from when I started 5 years ago vs. now.
If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT too!

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