Words Of Encouragement

An inspirational story that all moms & dads should read…

One of the best benefits of learning how to eat to fuel my body, as a dad, was learning what a healthy plate looks like.


When we first started on this health and fitness journey, I cleaned out all my cupboards and fridge of the bad stuff that I’d allowed to creep in, and replaced it with the healthy stuff listed in my new food journal. That was a big deal for me, because it was a commitment with my pocketbook! I used the expression “Say no to yourself once: at the grocery store!” that I’d learned from another member in group. That saying made sense to me, and I wanted to teach my kids the same thing. Rather than me having m&m’s in a bag that they ask me for 10 times throughout the day, not even having them on the shelves was a few less “no”’s I had to tell my kids. It helped me get creative in making the snacks fun, and the meals tasty!

My kids really resisted at first.  They were a little grumpy that the junk food that they’d grown accustomed to were no longer an option.   Oh, believe me – I’m all about moderation, and they still have had desserts, and some sweet foods, but I changed their options for the more healthy counterparts: Low fat organic yogurt instead of go-gurts, lime seltzer (“bubble water”) in place of soda,  thin crust, light cheese & veggie pizza instead of the thick crust, oozing cheese pepperoni pizza’s of old.    We eat different fruits, and instead of calorie laden casserole’s we have grilled chicken, more veggies and instead of white rice, we have whole grain rice or quinoa.    We gave them a try, and soon became hooked!    In fact, my kids actually (and this is the truth!)  say “Brocolli? Yay! Thanks Dad!” It sounds so fake and cheeseball, but they really love brocolli!  Because the truth is, healthy foods DO taste good, and its possible to re-train our habits and taste buds.

Oh, we’ll still have soda, and ice cream every now and again, just not every day or week, and you know what?  My kids & I are healthy, strong, and adjusted.  So be encouraged if you are just starting on your journey to a healthier family – with time and consistency, and open, honest communication, ie: “I cant in good conscience give to you what I know now to be so unhealthy for you, son.”  your kids WILL adjust and when they’re adults they’ll thank you.     When they do, you can pat yourself on the back knowing you did the hard, but right thing by your family.

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