I love getting fresh berries – especially strawberries & raspberries.

On the weekends, I will slice them up and put them on home made pancakes.  I also enjoy them in my yogurt for a good, healthy snack.

Berries are good for so many things from breakfast to dessert, and some people put them in salads too (not me – but some folks do!)  🙂



Berries are expensive, & they can spoil pretty quickly, and then they become cash in the trash!

I can’t stand wasting money!   For this reason, I sometimes found myself not buying them.

But, I recently learned from a local farmers hack for keeping our berries fresher in the fridge longer, and it’s an easy & inexpensive!



Mix ½ cup of vinegar with 2 ½ cups of water, and soak them in the vinegar mix for a few minutes.

After that, the berries won’t spoil as quickly!

The vinegar helps to get rid of mold spores and other bacteria that are on the fruit that enables them to rot away before you’re ready to eat them.

And don’t worry about tasting the vinegar!

Just rinse them well in a colander, dry them thoroughly on a clean paper towl, and store them in the fridge as you normally would.


Here’s an extra tip…

It seems like a no brainer, but few pay attention to this…if one of the berries in the bunch start getting moldy, remove it immediately.

This will prevent mold spores from traveling to the other berries and cause them to spoil too!


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