What does it mean?

It means…

– not allowing your life to own you – but, you own your life
– making decisions today that will have a positive influence on your tomorrow
– sticking with it, even when you don’t feel like it
– losing your bad habits in favor of good ones
– not allowing every situation that crops up in daily life to become an excuse as to why you can’t. Find a way!
– making the most of what you have – do what you CAN do
– stepping outside of your comfort zone for the very good chance of succeeding & improving your life
– continually being open to learning & growing / self improvement
– following & sticking with people who support you & your goals
– Holding onto your Faith & Believing YOU CAN!

That’s 10.
I’ll stop there…cause I could go on with 10 more.
But if we start with these 10 our lives would dramatically change!


self at hs


I can share this because I am speaking from life experience & the wisdom God has instilled within me going through the crap I’ve had to go through with divorce, and coming through to the other side in a state that is way, way, better than I could have ever imagined, or even fashioned on my own.

I wished I could pour a shot glass for people to take a swig of what its like to be “on the other side”!


Because if most people ever had such a taste, they would sign up & push themselves without giving it a thought about how much time or money it would cost them.
They would be intoxicated & hooked that they would invest that in themselves without giving it a second thought.  It would appear to be “cheap insurance” to them.

Define Your Life!
Live your life so you have no regrets!



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