Crush Your Cravings!


Plan ahead and avoid a craving for an unhealthy treat with some nutritious, lower calorie options.



Craving Creamy?

Go for a low fat greek yogurt, its as creamy and freshing as an ice cream.  Add some nuts, fruit, or even drizzle alittle honey on it!

Craving salt?

Try zero fat, low calorie pickles!

Craving Sweets?

Definitely try frozen grapes.  They are like mini ice pops with vitamins & fiber. A great substitute for candy!  (Freeze them on a baking pan, then store them in an airtight freezer bag).

Craving Chocolate?

Try a glass of skim chocolate milk!  You will cut the fat, and get some calcium in too.

Curb Cravings?

Eat 3 balanced, healthy meals & 2 snacks a day.   Having unbalanced meals, or worse, skipping meals causes cravings to kick in big time!


Need help with crushing nutrition habits & behaviors?

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