Hello!   My name is Dom Campbell.

I am a PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & EMPOWERMENT COACH / TRAINER, holding a joint certification as a Master Life Coach, & Health Coach.

I help people to smash through what’s not working (the old destructive habit loops & beliefs that are keeping them stuck in their health, career, relationships, & life) so that they can experience real joy, health, & happiness creating & living out the life they aspire to own – without stress & worry!

My focus is on upleveling people’s health, career, relationships, and spiritual wellness.



I’m a 52 year old, divorced dad, raising 2 grade school age boys, & a worship leader at my church.

I came into coaching people after improving my own health & wellness & learning how to drop 80 lbs & keep it off for more than 20 years!

I grew up a heavy kid.  I was that kid that was always picked last for the kick ball team.  I was slow, awkward, self conscious, and uncoordinated.

In my 20’s I “fell into” my health & fitness for the first time after having an accident that required me to learn how to walk again.  After 9 months of recovery,  I was walking again and during that time I lost weight for the first time in my life (20 lbs!).  When physical therapy ended I decided to continue doing the physical work & exercises at the gym. I expanded my focus to work on my whole body and lost 20 more lbs before the end of the year!  The following year I started focusing on my nutrition, and by the end of that year I had lost a total of 80 lbs!  I kept that weight off for nearly 20 years.  During that time I got married, bought a home, got a dog, had 2 kids, then found myself in a divorce.   When I got divorced, I was in my mid 40s, and I fell right back into my old childhood habits & behaviors!   I couldn’t afford to go to a gym any more.  My life became all about “just getting through a day”.  I started experiencing anxiety attacks & was put on meds to control it.   By the end of my divorce I gained back half my weight – 40 lbs!   I was miserable.

After my divorce in my new home, I prayed for an answer.  That night woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep.  I realized that I needed to make myself a priority again.  I needed to do it for ME, but, also for MY KIDS too!  I didn’t want them to grow up experiencing life as a heavy kid, like I did.  I was picked on, made fun of, and was that kid that was always picked last for sports.  I wanted better for my kids.  So that morning I began adopting my healthier habits back.    I lost the 40 lbs in a little over 2 months.  In 3 months I was able to come off the anxiety meds too!

I felt like a completely different man.  People were asking me what I did, and I started coaching them.  I quickly found that people struggled in making long term lifestyle change.  They either never got started, quit after a few weeks, or, they obtained great results but then went right back to their old habits & behaviors.  They could not hold onto them long term.   I realized that the root problem wasn’t so much their nutrition, or their exercise – but the habits underneath.   Anything that is not fun, and based on deprivation doesn’t work long term in creating lifestyle change.   I began studying it, and discovered that the way we do one thing, is the way we do everything.  I earned my health coach & life coach certifications, not so much focusing on the eating & exercising, but helping people to discover, heal, and smash through the underlying root cause of old, destructive HABIT LOOPS & BELIEFS that are preventing them from succeeding in their health, careers, relationships & spiritual life!

There is so much information (and mis-information) out there that people often become overwhelmed & quit before even getting started!

They want to change their health.  They want to change their careers.  They want to change their relationships.   They want to change their life!  But, they feel so stuck and demotivated!



I provide a PROVEN, HOLISTIC METHOD customized SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU that is easy & fun to follow that equips you to discover old, destructive habit loops & beliefs, that will shift you into positive, supportive ones that enable to experience success!

I have helped people of all ages & backgrounds turn their life around.  Many have lost weight & become more fit to feel the best they’ve ever felt in their life.

Others have reversed medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, & anxiety, and have received clearance from their doctors to come off the medications they were taking because they’ve taken steps to live a healthier life!

Many have improved their careers & income potential!

Nearly all of them have experienced improved relationships – at home, and in the workplace!

It’s really amazing what happens when they experience the power of living empowered!   

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything!



I’m inviting you to meet with me for a 55 minute Strategy Session session!

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Dom Campbell

Personal Development & Empowerment Coach


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