Hello!   My name is Dom Campbell.


Total Health is more than eating right & exercising.  It’s so much more!

Being a certified health coach, and life coach with an emphasis on Behavior Transformation, I’ve noticed that many people want to experience a change but just don’t know where to begin, while others have so much information they become overwhelmed & quit before even getting started!     They want to change their health.  They want to change their relationships.

They want to change their life!  But, they feel so stuck and demotivated!


Most people feel like they’ve tried everything and nothing has really worked!

When it comes to our total health, doctors, dietitians and other practitioners either don’t have the time or the skills to help people stay motivated and follow through to get long lasting results.   People just default to their old set of habits, even when they know those habits make them feel lousy.

People then resort to trying one of the countless programs on the market today.

Most only provide temporary results, and some are even dangerous to your health & well being!

The problem is that most of the programs on the market fail to teach people how to make & work through the challenge of experiencing a life long change. So people then decide to get a fitness or nutrition coach to help them.  Again, most people will experience temporary results with a certified fitness or nutrition coach, but they will again fall back into old habits.


Because most certified coaches & nutritionists know a lot about their area of expertise, but, they completely lack the experience & knowledge of how to help a person move through making life long BEHAVIOR CHANGE.   As a result, most people experience a temporary change but wind up defaulting back into their old habit patterns!


I provide a PROVEN METHOD customized SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU that is easy & fun to follow, that helps you to begin making the behavior changes that you want to make in the area of life you are struggling with – whether its your nutrition, fitness, spiritual wellness, or life in general – they’re all connected and I’ll be hitting each area at some point along your journey so that you learn how to keep them all in balance, not just temporarily – but for life!

I have helped people of all ages & backgrounds turn their life around.  Many have lost weight & become more fit to feel the best they’ve ever felt in their life. Others have reversed medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, & anxiety, and have received clearance from their doctors to come off the medications they were taking because they’ve taken steps to live a healthier life! Countless others have found that special place where they’ve learned to manage & balance their life, and have even experienced shifts in their relationships at home, and at the workplace!  It’s really amazing what happens when they experience the power of living empowered!



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Dom Campbell

Total Health Empowerment Expert in Health, Overall Wellness & Life


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