We have all read the articles on what fit & healthy people do in the morning, but what about what they do before bed?

This is just as important as it helps wrap up the day and sets the tone for a fresh start in the morning!

By creating a nightly routine (you may already be even doing some of these!), you will notice a change in both your health and happiness.


1. Plan For Tomorrow

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One of the keys to maintaining a fit & healthy lifestyle is to always be prepared!  You will feel organized & you won’t need to stress in the morning.

  • Laying out your exercise gear for the next morning,
  • ironing your uniforms or work clothing if needed,
  • gathering any important paperwork needed for tomorrow,
  •         get your food shopping done for the week, and most importantly,
  • preparing your lunch the next day!


For preparing lunch, whether you just pull together some leftovers from prior day or prior dinner, or spend an extra 20 minutes making something else, being prepared when it comes to lunch stops you from wingin’ it & making bad, unhealthy choices the next day!   Or worse, you might even skip lunch altogether.   The best thing about preparing your lunch?  You will save some cash in doing so!


2. Switch Off Technology at least One Hour Before Bed

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How many of you say goodnight to your loved ones and head to bed only to spend the next hour laying there checking Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds?

Now how many of you have then realized that two, three or four hours have passed, it’s now 2 a.m and you’re on YouTube watching some non-sense video? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

By switching off the technology an hour or two before bed you have time to wind down without any distractions. Not only can the artificial light emitted from phones and computers have a serious effect on your body clock and encourage sleep disorders, but putting the phone away will give you more room for quality time with your loved ones too!  What could be more important than that?

3.  Be thankful – and write it down!

A great way to bring further happiness into your life is by actively and regularly expressing gratitude. Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal not only increases happiness but reaps other benefits including improved sleep & less illness. What do you have to lose?   By setting a small amount of time aside each night or every few nights to jot down some things from your day that you are grateful for will not only remind you what a blessed life you lead but will also get any negative thoughts out of your mind, making it less likely that you will dwell on issues that can keep you up at night. Best of all, by keeping a record you can look back over them every now and then if you are having a bad day and it will be sure to turn that frown upside down!

4. Stretch!

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How many times have leg cramps or a sore back made it difficult for you to get to sleep or woken you up throughout the night?  I know it has for me!   Stretching helps lengthen tendons and muscles & can reduce the frequency and severity of cramps ensuring you get a better night’s sleep.   Not only does stretching the sore muscles help, but by giving your whole body a good stretch relaxes your muscles and body and releases any built-up tension. Your body will feel like it’s melting onto the bed afterwards.   This works – seriously!



5. Get Enough Sleep

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One habit we need to be committed to every night is to simply make sleep a priority!  It sounds pretty straightforward, but with stressful jobs, busy social lives and children to take care of, ensuring we get enough shut-eye can be difficult!  There have been many articles written on the dangers of sleep deficiency and how its link to increased stress, weight gain, and productivity loss!   An easy way to do this is to go to bed at roughly the same time every night more consistently.  Figure out when you need to wake up and count back 8 hours to ensure you get a solid night’s sleep. Going to bed late, getting 5 or 6 hours sleep, and snoozing your alarm three times in the morning is the worst thing you can do and sets a bad tone for your day!


6. Pray!

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We live in a crazy world.  We are constantly  bombarded with information via the television, social media, the internet, our friends and our work.  Is it any wonder why so many people feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious???   By praying before bed, we slow down our brain activity which results in a deeper and more peaceful sleep.   This is perfect if you do have issues falling asleep.   It helps in putting the mind at ease.   Even if you already incorporate prayer into your day, give it a go before bed and see the results yourself.    I bet you will experience waking up feeling more rested, more energized and more ready to take on your day!


Incorporating the above steps into your nightly routine will help let your body know it’s time to slow down, get you in the right mindset for sleep, and get you set up for a strong day the next day!

Not only that, our kids pay attention to everything we do.   Many of our kids suffer in school because they are not learning how to live healthy lifestyles.   They are sleeping like crap, eating like crap, and feeling like crap.   As their parents we need to teach them – beyond TELLING them.  We need to be practicing these things ourselves! Doing these things will show them how important it really is and will enable them to appreciate the benefits of them first hand by the positive effects it having on you!



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