Losing weight & living a healthier life style can be hard, but when you have a crazy, hectic schedule full of things to do with a job, errands, appointments, and other obligations you need to fulfill, your commitment to get health & fit feels doomed to fail.

I have some good news for you!   You don’t need to quit your job, or do extreme, drastic things to be successful!

The best approach for long term results is to shed pounds, slowly but surely, while keeping up with your schedule & commitments.

The key to our success is to CHANGE OUR HABIT of “living on the fly” and beginning to do some planning & organization of your day.   It won’t take long until the new healthier habits become second nature and you’ll WANT to continue to do them because you’ll feel better, look better, & have so much less stress!

Here are 10 easy tips for losing weight & staying healthier while keeping a crazy busy schedule!


1. Meal Prep Every Week

Meal prep saves time, and energy during the week.  It’s also an essential key to making sure you stay on track with your nutrition so you will experience success!

On the weekend, I usually block off an hour or two to make sure I have a meal plan for the next week.  I do my grocery shopping & I do some food prep to take the pressure off me during the week.  Whether it’s grilling, washing, cutting, or chopping I’m getting it done.  I will usually make a nice dinner Saturday, or Sunday evening and make enough to have left overs one or two more times during the upcoming week!

Another time saver is purchasing pre-sliced produce, especially if you need a snack on the go!  Keep in mind however, purchasing pre-prepared produce is much more costly.  You’ll get more for your money if you take the little bit of time to plan ahead & do it yourself.

Also, things like stir-frys, soups, and sauces can be made ahead & stored in your freezer for use at a later date!

Be sure to use proper portion sizes when meal prepping.   Proper portion sizes are not just key for successful weight loss, but also key in helping you to suppress cravings while also feeling your best, and keeping the most energy!

If you need help shopping and planning ahead for your week, consider taking me with you to the grocery store on a virtual grocery store tour!


2. Keep Fruit &  Healthy Snacks Around!

The key to not having that bagel at work is to have a breakfast that is filled with nutrition, and to have a nutrient rich snack ready for later in the morning.

We don’t want to rely on whatever’s available at the company cafeteria  or vending machines.

For extra protein, go for beef jerky or hard boiled eggs.  Also snack on almonds & pistachios.

Also, keep your fruit on the countertop, in plain sight.   When it’s visible you’re more likely to reach for it when you’re wanting a snack!

Ditto when you’re at work!  When you see the candy bowl, keep walking.  Keep your fruit on your desk.

Apples, pears, oranges & bananas are awesome “on the go” snacks while at work.





3. Drink (more Water)!

Most people are not drinking enough water during the day.  Not only does this cause us to become dehydrated, it also causes us to feel tired, and sometimes even hungry!  Drinking enough water will keep us full & feeling satisfied.

An easy way to address this is to carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times. Refill it regularly throughout your day and shoot to drink at least half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces each day.   So if you weigh in at 200 lbs, you’ll want to drink 100 ounces of water each day.


4. Get Moving –  Consistently!

Although nutrition  plays a major role in losing weight, getting enough movement in is critical to not only achieve weight loss success, but, also in allowing you to look your best, and feel your best each day!

So…how do you fit your sweat session in when you’re day is already crazy jammed?

Personally, I do it first thing in the morning.  I get up 45 minutes earlier than my kids.  This gives me an opportunity to focus only on me before anybody, or anything can interrupt my day.  I’ve come to love my “me time” because it’s the one time in my day I get to focus on MY NEEDS.   It also sets me up for the rest of my day really nicely!  I find that I wake up quicker, feel less stressed all day long, and even make better decisions!

But, if mornings are out of the question for you, identify another time of day that’s consistently free of commitments!   Block out that time in your calendar for “ME TIME” and treat it as “sacred time”.  It’s a priority.  Nothing should break that time except a family emergency.

For some people, this  might be at lunch time. For others, it might be after work. Whenever it is, block out that time to get some movement & exercise in!

By the way, you don’t need to go to a gym to get a work out in.   I’ve been successfully working out at home for many years now.   It’s a good way to make sure you get your movement in, it requires much less time to get it done, and so it’s much harder to make excuses for not doing it!

If you need help trying to figure out how to make this work for you so that it becomes a habit that you don’t even think about, contact me for a Strategy Breakthrough call!  This is what I excel in helping people with!


5. Eat at a Table (*no phones or screens allowed)

Instead of snacking & eating as you are reading emails, scrolling Instagram photos, or watching Netflix,  walk away from the screens and sit down at the table without any screens!  We are so distracted all of the time.  We are not appreciating the food we are eating, or, the people we’re eating it with!

How does this help you to lose weight?   Well, for starters, research has shown you’re much more likely to consume MORE food if you’re eating while you’re distracted!

I know it seems backwards to take 20 minutes of time just to sit & eat when you could be multitasking.  But studies have suggests that multitasking actually decrease your productivity by as much as 40 percent.   I know I’ve experienced this myself.  I’m also much more present and in appreciation of my food, the time I took to make it, and the way it tastes.  I also appreciate the people I’m eating with more too!

Also, while eating chew more slowly and savor the flavors.  Chewing more releases the nutrition in your food so your body properly digests it, and gets the most bang for it buck.  When food isn’t properly chewed, its harder to digest.   Chewing your food also makes it easier to recognize the signals your body is sending you about when you’re beginning to feel fullness.


6. Keep “Emergency Food” on Hand

On really busy weeks or weekends, sometimes I struggle getting the meal prepping to happen.  So I stock my pantry & freezer with quick & easy “emergency food” I can eat.

Soups, tuna fish,  & beans are good options.  Also, there are some healthier packaged foods too – be sure to review the nutrition label!


7. Switch up your Movement!


Many people focus on cardio when losing weight.  Switch up cardio for some strength training.  The strength training combo is more effective than traditional cardio alone when it comes to losing fat.  The most effective method is by doing high intensity circuits performed back to back with very small rest periods in between.   You will burn a boat load of calories, and raise your metabolism all day long!

Another benefit?  This approach doubles down the training in half the time!





8. Share!

Life is going to happen.  In the office, at home celebrating, or out to dinner with friends – you are going to encounter temptations.  Chocolate, ice cream, cakes, & salt or carb heavy foods are all around us!

If you want to (and can!) avoid these foods altogether, that’s awesome!

However, if you want to enjoy alittle, go for it!

I don’t prescribe to practicing “complete deprivation”.    Diets are all based on deprivation, and deprivation doesn’t work – EVER!   It only makes you want it more.

The key to success long term is to NOT feel deprived, but to be mindful about how much you indulge.

This is easy to do.  If your out with someone, don’t order individual servings of desert.  Split & share it.   The first bite or two is always the best, and after that the urge to splurge in the empty calories dramatically decreases.


9. MOVE… More


The most successful plan entails not just eating more mindfully, but also moving more & more intensely too.  The more you do, the better off you’ll be, and feel!

Your goal:  Keep your metabolism humming in higher gear during the 23 1/2 hours you aren’t exercising or working out!

You are likely going to need to think outside of going to the gym for this.

If you sit all day, consider taking a 3-10 minute break every hour or two to walk around the building or,  perform squats and arm rolls at your desk to get your blood circulating!

Another idea – Instead of sending emails or calling people down the hall from you, pay them a quick visit.      Skip tele-conference calls with individuals, and consider going for a walk together.

If you’re at home, you can do little things like foam rolling, or running in place while watching TV, or going for an extra walk or run with the dog!


10. Rethink Your Drink!


On a busy day, I love having my coffee (caffeine) boost each morning.   But keep it to one cup.  Reduce the rich, sugary coffee beverages most people are buying (like frozen lattes) – they have absolutely no nutritional value.

You’ll be sipping half your daily calories in that one drink!    Instead, consider hot tea, or filtered water.    If you do have a cup of coffee, consider swapping the creamer for milk or almond milk.  You can flavor it with a little bit of cinnamon, cocoa, mint, or nutmeg instead of sugar too!



Achieving your goal of losing weight doesn’t mean you have to make a bunch of huge, life-altering changes all at once!

In working with my clients, I help them to achieve their success by swinging the big doors with small hinges.   It’s the best approach to take in making change last long term.

Are your old, destructive habit loops causing you to fail time & time again?

I can help you discover why & what you need to do to get moving past them in a 55 minute Strategy Breakthrough Call with me!






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